Dear applicants, You may have chosen your future university for higher education!

If you have questions about the choice of educational programs, grants allocated by training areas, higher educational institutions with state orders, creative exams and priority rights, you can call the admissions committee of Zhumabek Akhmetuliy Tashenev University.
The main goal of the Admissions Committee is to ensure the admission of students to Zhumabek Akhmetuliy Tashenev University for higher and post-graduate education programs.
To achieve the goal set by the Admissions Committee, it is necessary to solve the following tasks:
*Organization of acceptance of documents of applicants to Zhumabek Akhmetuly Tashenev University.
*Organizing entrance exams, competitions and admissions based on the results of entrance tests.

Undergraduate Education Programs:

  1. 6В01101-"Pedagogy and psychology"
  2. 6В01201-"Pedagogy of preschool education and training"
  3. 6В01301-"Pedagogy and methods of primary education"
  4. 6В01401- Physical education teacher training
  5. 6В01402- Music teacher training
  6. 6В01403- Training of art and painting teachers
  7. 6В01501- Mathematics Teacher Training
  8. 6В01502- Physics teacher training
  9. 6В01503- Informatics teacher training
  10. 6В01504- Chemistry Teacher Training
  11. 6В01505- Biology Teacher Training
  12. 6В01507- Chemistry and Biology Teacher Training
  13. 6В05101-"Biology"
  14. 6В05201- “География”
  15. 6В05301- “Химия”
  16. 6В01601- History teacher training
  17. 6В01506- Geography Teacher Training
  18. 6В01509- Geography- History Teacher Training
  19. 6В01510- Biology-Geography Teacher Training
  20. 6В01701- Training of teachers of the Kazakh language and literature
  21. 6В01703- Training of teachers of the Russian language and literature
  22. 6В01702- Training of teachers of a foreign language: two foreign languages.
  23. 6В01704- Training of teachers of the Uzbek language and literature
  24. 6В04201-" Jurisprudence"
  25. 6В04202- Business and law
  26. 6В04203- Legal regulation of economic activity
  27. 6В04101-"Accounting and Auditing"
  28. 6В04102-" Finance"
  29. 6В04103- Economy
  30. 6В01104- IT management
  31. 6В02101-"Design"
  32. 6В02301- Foreign Philology
  33. 6В06102 -"Computer science"
  34. 6В06101-"Computing and software"
  35. 6В03201-"Librarianship"
  36. 6В02111 - F ashion industry
  37. 6В07111 - Electrical systems and networks
  38. 6В07102 - Мechanical engineering
  39. 6В08101 - Protection and quarantine of agricultural crops
  40. 6В09102 - Veterinary sanitation and expertise

Master's degree programs:

  1. 7М01101 - Pedagogy and psychology
  2. 7М01301 - Pedagogy and methodology of primary education
  3. 7М01601 - History teacher training
  4. 7М01701 - Training of teachers of the Kazakh language and literature
  5. 7М01702 - Training of teachers of a foreign language: two foreign languages
  6. 7М04101 - Economics
  7. 7M06102 - Information Systems
  8. 7M05301 - Chemistry


Executive Secretary of the Admissions Committee: Ismailova Akerke Erezhepkyzy

Mobile phone: +7 747 982 1853 


List of required documents:
1) a document on general secondary, technical and vocational or higher education (original);
2) 8 photos of 3 x 4 centimeters size;
3) a copy of an identity document;
4) UNT certificate (if any);
5) Medical certificate form 075 / U (with fluorographic tape)


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